Sunday, September 20, 2015

Angels at last!

For at least the past 10 years, Alan and I have discussed heading to Pensacola Naval Air Station to watch the Blue Angels practice. They do this almost every Tuesday and Wednesday....How did it take us so long?

We woke up too early since we are still adjusting to US time. This is never a bad thing though because we do so much more being up and about.  The Days Inn breakfast was pretty good - first time I have ever even been tempted to try the porridge (oatmeal) cooked in those huge tubs, and I was not disappointed!

Then it was off to hunt pelicans!  We fell in love with the pelicans located all over Pensacola as a result of Pelicans in Paradise.  These pelicans caught our eye the last time we were in this area and reminded us of the Cow Parade we have seen in a few European cities.  Both of these community art programs were to benefit charities and were very successful.  There were four in particular, at the corner of Palafox and another street, that were representative of the armed services and we hoped to find a parking place and get photos of them.

This Pelican is wearing proper equipment for a sea rescue!

Captain Corrie Mays
Blue Angel Pilot Number 8

Arriving at the Naval Air Station at what we thought was a much too early time, there were already loads of people there!  We wandered around the museum again and eventually found ourselves on the top row of the bleachers, waiting for the Blue Angels to begin their practice.  One thing that was asked of us all was not to stand up while they were flying.  This seemed an odd request and one that we would not like to follow since we like to stand up to take photos.  However, once the show started and the sheer force and speed of these jets became apparent, I understood just how easy it would be to lose your balance merely watching them, much less taking photos!  The show lasted 45 minutes and I managed to take almost 1,000 photos!  This is just not like me at all. But they were magnificent and I just could not stop!
Girl Power
Blue Angel style

We came home the more direct route, but did stop at Walmart to do a bit of shopping! This was really the first time we have done any serious shopping, mainly just for a bit of food and other things we needed.  Then it was off to Magnolia Grill to meet my friend from high school and his wife, John and Louanne.

Magnolia Grill is one of the restaurants that is on my must eat at list when I am home.  It was great that John and Louanne were able to meet us there and we had a super time catching up and enjoying a good meal.

"A funny bird is the pelican, his beak holds more fish than his belly can."  
A poem I have known all my life - from a book of poetry given to me by my Grandma. 

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