Saturday, September 26, 2015

Morgan's Birthday - Day 3!

Pelicans at Destin Harbour

As usual for Alan and me, the day started with a walk on the pier.  There wasn't much activity on the pier this morning so we didn't spend much time there.
Morgan taking a picture of one on the pier herons.

On the way to Harbour Walk in Destin, we stopped on the Okaloosa Island side of the bridge. This is a lovely place to sunbathe or relax.  A quiet beach right before you get to the busy holiday destination of Destin!

Looking out from this beach and under the bridge, you can get a different view of Crab Island.  Whether you see it while crossing the bridge or looking under the bridge, the impression this place gives is just fun!  There are almost always people there, either in boats or appearing to stand in the water.  At one time, Crab Island was a real island, but drifting sands caused this to essentially disappear and it is now an underwater sandbar.  Adults can stand in water about shoulder height.

It is odd to see the little shops, bars, and even a soft play area for kids. These appear to be permanent structures, but are basically floating on top of the sandbar.  I imagine they are anchored somehow.

I have never had the pleasure of going to Crab Island since I don't know anyone who owns a boat there and would be hesitant to rent one!  But it is fun to see all the activity whenever I cross the bridge from Okaloosa Island to Destin.

Then is was down to Harbour Walk in Destin to have a look at the charter boats and shops there.

This is such a different Florida feel but it is just as valid as the Scenic Highway we did yesterday.  Something for everyone in this area!
Just having fun!

Sitting at what was to become our regular seats on
the corner of the Landshark Lookout,
third floor balcony of Margaritaville! 

Before going back to Steamboat Landing, we stopped at Margaritaville and had a drink on the Landshark Lookout. What a fabulous place to sit and watch the boat traffic - and there was a lot of that!

I think a person could really sit there all day!  In fact, on our last night, Alan and I went back there twice in the days after Morgan left!  She introduced me to non-alcoholic daiquiris!  Since I love the taste and don't care about the alcohol, this was the perfect thing to sit and drink at the Lookout!  Thanks, Morgan!

Then it was time to bid farewell to Morgan.  It was nice to have her back for a while and I hope she enjoyed her visit as much as we did.
Crab Island on the other side of the bridge

However, the fun does not stop when one person leaves.......we had plans to meet one of my sorority sisters for dinner!  I had not seen her since I graduated from FSU in 1976!  Joni has only recently moved to the area and it was very lucky that we could get together and catch up with so many years!  I hope both our husbands did not feel too left out!

Joni had very kindly offered us a place to stay our first night since we would not be able to check into Steamboat until Friday.  However, with the chaos of getting stuck in Texas this did not happen.  We were very grateful for the offer and also the various phone calls she made when we needed to contact people then.

Joni, Brent and me after dinner

We decided to try again to get together and our original plans were to meet at the Hightide Restaurant, which we could walk to from Steamboat Landing.  Of course, it is over Brooks Bridge and at 5pm this was still a very hot part of the day. So you can imagine how my heart sank when we realised it was not open on Sundays!  This disappointment did not last long though, Joni and Brent drove up and we went to Harbour Docks in Destin instead!  Alan and I had never eaten there before and it is always fun to go to new places!  Not only was the food delicious, the company was fabulous too.  And then I was able to invite them over to our place for birthday cake!

Another perfect day in the land of the most beautiful beaches.  Does it get any better than this?

"Don’t grow up too quickly, lest you forget how much you love the beach." Michelle Held

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