Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Pansy Brunch

Chief Osceola in front of Doak Campbell Stadium
We had the best sleep ever in Morgan's comfy bed.  No, I don't think it was sheer exhaustion either, it was just a wonderful bed.

Then we were spoiled by her for breakfast, when she brought us luscious Dunkin Donuts, including a Reese's Peanut Butter one just for me!  It was nice that she remembered my disappointment when we had driven all the way to Edinburgh (not just for donuts!) and stopped at Krispy Kreme because they were supposed to have the Reese's donuts.  However, it had been just a special offer and was over by the time we got there.  

After saying goodbye to the little girls, Alan, Morgan and I met two friends of mine from university days!  Carmen and Nan.  Thankfully, Nan's husband was also there or else Alan would have been overwhelmed!  We met at the University Center Club which is in Doak Campbell Stadium.  

We sat outside under an endless gazebo!  Having not seen Nan since graduation, never met her husband, Carmen and I had only seen each other one time since graduation about 2 years ago, and Alan and Morgan not knowing anyone either - it was incredible how easy conversation flowed and how much fun we all had together.  I think the servers wondered if we were ever going to leave! 

(Just about forgot to mention, Morgan had met Carmen's daughter when they were both in London at the same time last year, so there was a bit of connection there!) 

FSU Sod Cemetery
Photo by Alan
Following our delicious brunch, Carmen took us around the campus.  The original intention was to walk, but it was far too hot and would have taken too much time.  FSU campus was always beautiful, but it has matured since I graduated in 1976.  Part of this must be the fact that the football team has been National Champions 3 times and there is a special buzz about the place that was just not there during my time!  I don't have many pictures of the buildings because I was too busy talking to Carmen!

I had never heard of the Sod Cemetery and had to look it up.....turns out it is a part of the playing field  from games that were either not expected to be won, or bowl and championship games. Carmen told us there will be a little coffin on the site for a while before it is buried.

It was also amazing to see all the trophies collected by the team and the individual players, my favourite was the Heisman trophies.  This part of the building was closed since it was Sunday, but it was an honour just to be able to see them through the glass.

The football team has an indoor training ground that was open and we were able to walk in and get a feel for just how big the field is.  The building is air conditioned, but I doubt they play with the AC on.....
Morgan and me in the centre of the field
(photo by Alan)

So many messages, so little time
Walking across campus found us on Legacy Walk.  This is a great path going through campus and highlighting many aspects of student life and the historic buildings it passes.  One thing that caught my fancy was the messages being chalked onto the pathway, announcing meetings and offering assistance with various career moves.  As I write this, I realised I didn't photograph any of these, I was just too busy reading them!

Carmen suggested we also visit our sorority house and this was such an amazing experience!  I have never been back to anywhere I had spent so much time and the memories just came flooding in!  Carmen and I had the pleasure of living there in the mid'70's.

I had only ever driven by occasionally but never went in before.  The Tri-Delts that took us around their (our?) house were so gracious, even though we had stopped them as they were leaving to go shopping!  It was such fun swapping stories and telling the young women we met in various rooms what things were like when we lived there.  Then I remembered Alums visiting when I lived there.  I had never pictured myself as one of them, but I also remember how much fun it was to hear what the house was like when they lived there.....

After this long walk through memory lane, it was time to hit the road and get back to Steamboat Landing.  We hoped to get back before dark and just made it in time to experience a gorgeous sunset!

"It's great to reminisce about good memories of my past. It was enjoyable when it was today. So learning to enjoy today has two benefits: it gives me happiness right now, and it becomes a good memory later."   George Foreman

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